Stylish features that your home is longing for

If a stylish home is what you are looking for, this guide is for you - let’s take a look at a handful of features that your home is longing for!

First up, let's take a look at a feature that can add value to your home. Not only that, but it can also add space, which is always a bonus. Thanks to their warmer climes, many homes in European countries like Italy and Spain have balconies. Just because we have a few (read lots!) of rainy days, doesn’t mean we can’t have balconies too. Go for a glass balcony with chrome fittings for a really stylish look. Place a small table and a couple of chairs out there and you’ve got the perfect place to enjoy a morning coffee.

Next, and onto something a little more practical. Fireplaces used to be a necessary source of warmth in olden days and an important part of old-fashioned homes. Today, however, we thankfully have electricity to do that job instead. Nevertheless, our fondness for fireplaces hasn’t waned. Thanks to new knowledge and developments, they don’t have to messy affairs either. You can now get clean, sleek and attractive fireplaces and wood burning stoves. By using quality British firewood, you can get a clean burn, making cleaning up far easier.

On the topic of items that are both stylish and practical, let’s move onto another feature. A musical instrument is both of these things to a home. It can make a stunning centerpiece to any room. How about investing in a baby grand piano, for example. Or what about a stunning cello, on a sturdy and secure stand? While a beautiful feature for a living room or hallway, it can also be practical. How about hiring a private tutor to come and teach you lessons. If you have kids or plan to have them in the future, they can use it to learn a new skill too.

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Next up, the floor. Carpets might be traditional and warm, but wood floors are certainly one of the most stylish options you can go for. Real wood flooring is costly, but its lifespan is phenomenal. If you go for hardwood, rather than softwood, it will also be resilient to drops, scratches and accidental marks. There is an alternative for a lower budget also. If you go for engineered wood flooring, it is more affordable, and you can have underfloor heating installed under it too! However, because the top layer is made from real wood, it still looks beautiful and stylish.

Finally, let’s consider lighting. Crystal chandeliers may be out of budget for many of us! However, there are more attractive options than cheap paper ones. How about installing spotlights into your ceilings instead? Or upgrade your floor lamps to big and bold ones. Lighting often gets overlooked in terms of how important it is in our home. However, it really does deserve more attention as the right lighting can change the look of an entire room.

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