E is 4

Last week saw E turn 4.  How is that even possible?

On her actual birthday, we had a little tea party at home with family. She spent the afternoon playing with T and her cousin. The following day we went to Banham Zoo and apart from it being a little too hot for us, had a lovely day out.  

She had some lovely presents including books, playdoh, clothes, a playhouse for the garden and a Fireman Sam set. We somewhat stupidly got her an Elsa Singing Doll with Microphone, which she had been asking for since Christmas. What is it with noisy kids toys, why don't they have volume controls?! 

E at 4 (just):

-  Loves Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam, Hey Duggee, Topsy and Tim and anything with Frozen on it. 
-  Loves being outside, whether it's at the park or in the garden.
-  Likes to make people laugh.
-  Finds burps and anything poo/trump related very funny.
-  Thinks it's hysterical to call us 'poo poo pants' (can't wait until that one passes!)
-  Wants a cuddle in bed with me every night at bedtime and on the flip side, has a cuddle in bed with Daddy in the morning.
-  Flips between loving to play with T and not wanting her anywhere near her. 
-  Her favourite foods are dough balls, popcorn chicken and pizza. 

It seems crazy that this teeny 4 year old of mine is due to start school in September. Its going to be strange not having her with me during the non-nursery days and I know that everything is going to change. Some days she seems so grown up but when I check on her before I go to bed, her toy goatie next to her and her bum up in the air, its like I've been punched in the gut and I'm instantly reminded of the baby days.

Happy birthday E.  

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