Living Arrows: 9th August 2016

Another Monday and with no set plans I decided I would take the girls to the park and to feed the ducks. The problem with telling the girls in advance that we are going to go is that they will keep on and on about it until its time to go so at 9.30, there we were. 

The park we went to is a short drive from ours, whilst there are a few parks that are much nearer, I really like going to this one. Its all contained so I have no worries about the girls running off and whilst I still have to keep a close eye on them, I'm not so worried about being right next to them at all times to make sure they don't fall, as you can see.

What I really wanted to share though, was this photo because I was bursting with pride as I took it. E is quite small for her age and just climbing onto the log end for this rope.... thing (what ARE they called?!) is hard work let alone going from one side to the next.  She's done it on previous visits but yesterday, for whatever reason, she was struggling and fell off several times.  The first 2 or 3 times she fell off, she really cried because she had hit her back on the logs but after that, each time she fell off she just stood up and tried again until she did it and went from one side to the other.  I was so proud of her for persevering with it, I just hope that is something she will continue to apply and I will absolutely be reminding her of it in the future. She put her mind to it and did it!

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  1. Well done - that is really good balancing and co-ordination! Lovely photos.

  2. Well done - really good balancing and co-ordination! Lovely photos.

  3. Oh wow, such a proud moment! She still looks so tiny up there. It looks like a great park too! x