Monthly Round Up: July 2016

What a month July was.

* E had her last nursery session before starting school in September. We went to the morning show and saw her sing and dance with all of her friends. It was really lovely as at last year's Christmas show, she was placed at the back of the stage and because she's one of the smallest, I couldn't see her. This time, she was at the front and we could see her perfectly (and she could see us!). It amazes me how much they can memorise at their age, not only did she remember all the words and dances to the songs, she also had a line to say and did it with no struggles.

* Talking of school, we had a week of sessions put on at the school before she starts in September. Every day for weeks now she's been telling me that she doesn't want to go to big school but recently we haven't had quite so many meltdowns about it so I'm hopeful!  

* We had a nice day trip to the seaside which I shared here and I'm planning on attempting the same again, on my own - when I feel brave enough - during the hols.  

* Whilst our garden still isn't completely child friendly, we invested in a paddling pool for the girls because its been so hot. Plus, summer as a child means playing in a paddling pool! We had an emergency trip to Peacocks one Sunday as the swimsuit we brought recently for E was at least two sizes too small, despite the labelling. Needless to say, she chose Frozen.  It took them a little while to warm up to getting in it and splashing around but they have loved it and have been running around the garden shrieking their heads off as I've chased them with the hose.  

* Talking of the garden and how it isn't child friendly, we have some balustrade on order and it should be delivered any day now. Whilst it will no doubt take D a while to put it up, I'm looking forward to it being done and not having to worry about the kids falling off the patio and onto the grass! 

* We had some difficulty in finding someone to shear our sheep, as is usually the case. From what we've been told, shearers generally prefer a large flock to shear rather than a handful as they got more money for doing it. Thanks to the power of Facebook (it has its uses!) we found someone who not only was willing to do it for us but came out within a couple of hours of us calling and is happy to do it for us again next year. So that's something else ticked off the list.  

* On the subject of animals, D had the fun task of putting replacement tags into one of the goat's ears. I haven't got a clue how he got one tag out, let along two and we've still only found one so who knows what he's done with them! 

*  Granny came to stay for a few days. It worked out well as she babysat whilst D and I went to look at a car. We didn't want to buy it but actually went so we could test drive it before looking for one elsewhere, which we did! So July saw us buying a people carrier and getting rid of my 4x4 which I'd had for 6 years. I must admit I wasn't entirely sure about the new car, it feels very much like driving a bus, but I'm getting used to it! 

*  I had my first haircut without a child in tow in 4 years, which was lovely.  I decided to have a fair amount (3-4 inches) chopped off in the hope that it would feel better with the hair loss (e.g. when I'm running my hands through my hair and my hands are covered with loose hairs).  Do you think anyone noticed? Did they hell! Still, it feels a bit better!

* Its no secret that I'm not a natural baker but I do try now and then with the girls when I feel like I have enough patience!  We recently made some peanut butter oat squares, inspired by this recipe from Mojo Blogs. E was insistent that she didn't want to try them but eventually did and declared them yummy and has asked for them nearly every day since. I really want to try and make more homemade treats for both girls, but particularly E with her being such a picky eater. 

* We're not long into the school holidays but already it feels like its been an absolute age since the girls were at nursery.  I can't help but feel 7 weeks is too long for them to be at home, for them as much as for me!  

So August sees us enjoying the summer hols and celebrating E's 4th birthday. 4, how can that be?!  

So long July! 

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