Technology And The Positive Impact It Can Have On Family Life

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to technology and family life, all I’ve heard is the negatives. In any discussion about family life and the impact of technology on it, the most common things we hear are the downsides to it. Things like ‘children are online too much’ and ‘tech has meant parents don’t spend enough time with their kids’ are often said.

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While technology can have a negative impact on family life, for the most part, it’s positive. Or, at least, it can be - it all depends on what technology is used for. As a mum, I believe technology is a crucial tool to have - ask yourself, without it, where would we be? I honestly believe that for parents, technology is a real life-saver, here’s why:

Brings families together

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Have you ever thought that technology brings families together? So, games consoles might mean kids like to spend all their free time gaming. But as long as there are time restrictions in place, this shouldn’t be an issue. All responsible parents give their kids time limits for computer games, such as a maximum of two hours a day. Certain games consoles, like the Wii, for example, have the ability to bring families together. What’s more enjoyable than spending a Sunday afternoon at home, playing Wii Sports or Wii Dance with the kids? You are able to have fun as a family and perfect new skills together.

Makes staying healthy easier

Technology is an amazing tool when it comes to staying healthy. Believe it or not, technology has meant that nowadays, it’s much easier to keep you and your kids healthy. This is because there are various fitness and diet apps to choose from. As well as online recipe sites for healthy meals. There’s also the fact that you can now talk to a doctor online should you need to. This means that getting an illness treated quickly is much easier and more convenient, as you don’t have to take time off of work to do it. You can even have a prescription emailed over to you or your pharmacy of choice. Technology really has changed how we keep ourselves healthy, making it much easier.

Can be a lifesaver for new parents

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Life is crazy for new parents; there’s a lot to adjust to. Luckily, technology can make those first few weeks with your new addition a  little easier. There are instant bottle makers - some of which can be turned on and off via a smartphone app. These make night feeds much quicker and easier. There are TV streaming services like Netflix, that make late night feeds a little more interesting. Then there are also lots of apps made especially for new parents. From white noise apps for baby to apps that allow you to track your baby’s sleeping, eating and diaper habits.

Keeps kids busy and helps to educate them

Last but not least, there’s the fact that technology is great for kids. This is because it keeps them busy and offers many educational sites and games. There are apps for everything, from learning to read to keeping your kids busy while travelling. There are tablets made especially for kids that are stronger and sturdier than normal ones. There are smart clocks that teach children when it’s time to sleep and wake up. As well as watches that remind them of certain tasks that need doing throughout the day.

As with anything, technology can be negative in some aspects. However, on the whole, it is beneficial to families, especially those with young kids. What are your thoughts?

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