E starts big school

As everyone knows, last week saw the return to school and for those of us with small ones, the start of big school! 

The week before, I was swaying between feeling excited that she would be starting school and anxious. Its a whole new life stage for her - and us. Some of the things racing through my mind were:

Will she like the teachers?
Will the teachers like her? 
Will she make friends easily?
Will she make drop-offs difficult with tears and clinging to me?
How will I work the drop-offs, drop E off at school first and then T at nursery, or the other way round? 
Will they behave whilst on the school run or am I going to arrive feeling frazzled because they've bickered the whole time?
Will she go to the toilet ok?
Will she eat her lunch? Will she at anything?

I'm sure this all makes me sound neurotic but there's so much to think about and I had concerns with her not wanting to go to big school.  Towards the end of the holidays, she had started to turn. She was still feeling anxious and kept asking me to make sure the teachers looked after her but she wasn't having a meltdown at the mention of school (always a bonus!) and understood that she was going. The first day was tough. We went into her classroom and chatted with the teacher before speaking to one of the teaching assistants, who had to prise her away from me and send me on my way. We both cried but when I went to collect her she had a massive smile on her face, even though by the time she got out of the classroom it was 3.40. 

Some thoughts as we start our second week:

- I think it has been a success.  She will cry and cling on to me before going into the classroom but she is fine once she is in there. I've found the best approach is to be firm, I give her a kiss and cuddle and tell her I'll be back to get her later before making a quick exit. Hanging around just seems to make her worse and her teacher told me that she is happy and confident throughout the day so I try not to worry too much. 

- On her fourth day, she got an award for maths which pleased us no end.

- From standing in the playground and talking to other Mums its clear we all have different expectations. For example, many of the Mums I have spoken to think the school is very strict. The girls have to wear their hair tied back and the teachers use a whistle, once to get the children's attention and second for them to complete a task (eg, when out in the playground). Personally? I don't think this is a bad thing as it sets them up for school life and teaches them to follow rules which should help them as they get older.  

- A routine is key for us, more so now than it was for nursery.  I'm getting up 20 minutes earlier which is making a big difference to the mornings and I'm getting everything ready the night before. Uniform is laid out, drinks and lunch are made and popped into her bag, next to the front door.  It all sounds obvious but it means we aren't having to rush around. 

- It is an absolute nightmare to park at the school so we have been leaving slightly earlier than we would with nursery so that we can get parked easily.  Those extra minutes have made it so much easier! 

- The fact that so many of her nursery friends are in her class has been a blessing for both of us. I know she has friends that she has played with many times before and I have friendly faces to chat with in the playground at drop off/pick up.

- The one area we do need to work on is food. E has never been great at eating her breakfast and is generally a picky eater (although she has been getting better) but recently it has been a huge struggle to get her to eat anything. If that were the only meal that was an issue, I wouldn't be too concerned but out of the 6 days she has spent at school, the most she has eaten out of her lunch box is a single fruit roll which clearly isn't enough. I've asked the school to help encourage her but no such luck as yet.  Of course, the result is she gets out of school and is super hungry so I've been taking a small snack with me and then cooking dinner as soon as we get in. The plus side is that she's been eating well at dinner and trying different things - last week she had pasta! I've tried getting her to help me make it, asking what she wants, giving her things I know she'll usually eat and nothing has helped. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do and just hope she'll start to eat after she's settled in.

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  1. It certainly didn't sound neurotic to me I would've been the same, glad she had a big smile on her face you must have been so relieved #Living Arrows x

  2. Oh bless her she looks so darling! A big well done to her on her maths award. Xx #livingarrows

  3. Oh how gorgeous is she! She looks so happy. This will be my T next year and I am so not ready for it! x