Monthly Roundup: August 2016

So, as everyone knows, August = school holidays. Whilst we haven't ventured too far afield, I've tried to keep them as entertained as possible.  

(I've actually written this post - and lost it - twice so no doubt I've forgotten to add something. Hey ho...):

- We've had lots of trips to the park, there's a particularly nice one that we drive out to and we feed the ducks before playing.  We also visited a couple of new ones, although they are going to be better for them as they get older.  

- We've done lots of arts and crafts. We've made bunting, drawn lots of pictures, made birds and butterflies. I brought both girls a large scrapbook each and have been encouraging them to fill them with their scribblings and pictures so we can look back at them and remember when we were doing. 

-  We went to an event at the library which was held by a local domestic violence charity. There was a big table with lots of different activities for the kids to join in with whilst I sat and watched/supervised.

- We had a birthday party in the early part of the month. Kid's birthday parties, well any birthday party, in all honesty, aren't my thing. It's fair to say I'm socially awkward and I feel as though I spend the whole time with my foot in my mouth. That said, I know its important for the girls to go when they are invited and I don't want them to feel the same. E is incredibly shy and will usually spend the first hour glued to me before she feels ready to play and socialise with her friends.  

- It was my niece's birthday so we spent a nice few hours with her, which the girls absolutely loved. We've managed to see her a fair bit over the holidays which has been really nice for them. 

-  Talking of birthdays, a certain little lady turned 4 this month. 

- I feel like I've been all over the place through the summer with regards to work and getting things - anything, work and home - done! I must admit I'm looking forward to getting back into some kind of routine.  

- We attempted potty training early in the month and after a few hard days, I decided it wasn't quite the right time for us to do it and that T wasn't quite ready. Attempting it in the summer is all well and good but it does make it difficult to get out and about so we're going to try it again in the winter months.  

- My Mum came to visit for a few days. I took full advantage and got her helping me out in the garden.  We also had a trip to the duck pond and to a park in Ely that we haven't visited before. 

I remember when the girls finished nursery for the summer, the start of September - and big school, for E - seemed so far away. And now it seems to have suddenly crept up upon me. So for us, September will be all about school and settling in. Here goes.

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