Silent Sunday : 11th September 2016

Having a camera on your phone is great to just snap away when you see something but it doesn't always capture something as you see it. Sometimes the colours don't come out just as you want them or it takes too long to focus.  

It had been a grey and muggy day and as I was driving home the sun was breaking through the clouds until it was positively bursting through the clouds in all different directions. It felt quite poignant to see and I felt I had to take a picture to record the moment, even though it didn't capture it quite as I would have liked. 

Last Wednesday before going to work I had seen my old colleague who had given me some news about my old boss, my friend's husband. Two weeks previously he was suddenly taken ill and he didn't recover. He was only 58 and leaves behind his wife and five children,  three of whom are 18 and under. All I could think about all day was my friend, how sad I felt for her and her children and how life just isn't fair sometimes. 

 As bosses go, he was probably one of the best I've ever had. He was a grumpy sod at times with a sharp temper and my god, was he loud at those times! But he was also very kind and thoughtful. I was given flowers in my first week, welcoming me to the company and he was happy to make coffees. He took a chance in employing me when I had been unemployed for some time. He took a further chance in making me the practice manager when I had no experience and was always complimentary about my work and confident in my abilities. Most importantly though, he was a Dad and from someone without a father figure in their life, he seemed to be a very good one too and my heart aches for his girls.  


Silent Sunday

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  1. So sorry to hear of your loss.

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  2. I am sorry for your loss. What an emotional read and photo. #mysundayphoto