#blogtober day 12 - what's in your handbag

Like many a woman I know, I carry far too much in my handbag - it's no wonder I get an achey shoulder and backache!  I've always been really into my handbags and I have a stupid amount, including several Radley, a couple from Burberry and a Mulberry.  The one I'm currently using though is from Cath Kidston.  

handbag, handbag contents

Here's what you can currently find in the mess that is my handbag:

House keys
Car keys
USB stick
Small zip-up bag (containing emergency lady things, paracetamol, concealer, small mirror and lavender roll-on) 
Paperwork for the courtesy car I'm currently driving
Chewing gum
Lip balm
Loose face powder
Sweets for bribery 
Spare Phone battery

I'll admit, I did have to have a quick clean out of my bag before putting this together. It's amazing how much stuff accumulates and how many receipts I put in loose to 'sort out later'! 

Whats's your handbag like, are you a kitchen sink girl or do you carry as little as possible?

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