#blogtober day 15 - Timeline of your day

For today's prompt, I'm sharing with you a typical 'nursery' day:

6.25 : My alarm goes off.  I crawl out of bed before everyone else and jump in the shower whilst it's quiet.  I'm not a morning person at all so I like to get up that little bit earlier and take my time.  Jump out of the shower and put some makeup and dry my hair.  

7 - 7.30 : The girls wake up.  I say wake up, T is often awake any time from 6.15 onwards but we do try to make her stay in bed until 7.  

We go downstairs and pop the radio on whilst the girls have their breakfast.  Whilst they eat I sort their piles of clothes out for the morning, make a coffee and put the few bits of washing up away.  

8-8.20 : The girls get dressed, clean their teeth and do their hair.  Most mornings we have 10-15 minutes to spare before having to leave the house so they watch a cartoon.  

8.25 :  Get ready to leave the house. Toilet, shoes and coats on. 

8.30: In the car and ready to go to school. We always get there slightly earlier than needed because the traffic and parking around the school can be appalling! We park up, get E loaded up with her school things and walk to wait for the classroom to be opened.  

8.45 :  Doors open. We kiss E goodbye and leave.

9.00 : We get to nursery and drop T off.  

9.20 : I get into work and try to cram what I can into a short space of time.  Amongst other things this usually involves replying to emails, catching up with my colleagues with any relevant updates. 

11.40 : leave work.

12.00 : Pick up T from nursery and head home. 

12.00 - 3.00 : It's just me and T for the afternoon. We have lunch, I catch up on emails and any news before we play. We often use the time to do a little tidying up too - luckily T enjoys helping!  I also have to do a few bits here and there for work, which luckily can be done from my phone.  

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3.00 : We leave to collect E.  She doesn't finish until 3.30 so again, we leave earlier to get there in plenty of time. 

3.45 : We get home with E and get her changed out of her school uniform before sitting down to read her school book together. 

4.00 - 4.15 : I tend to start getting their dinner ready about now.  E is super hungry when she comes out of school and if I leave it too much later she just wants to snack and gets hangry!

5.00 - 5.15 :  After dinner, the girls play.  I wash up the dinner things and lunch boxes before joining them. Sometimes I'll get a few bits ready for mine and D's dinner. If its shower night we head upstairs to do that, otherwise we play for a while.

5.45 - 6.00 : Its about now that T goes to bed and before she does we get her clothes out ready for the next day. Any later and she will be clingy, rubbing her eyes and generally being very grumpy.    After T goes to bed, E and I usually go to my bed with the laptop and play some phonics or learning games followed by surprise eggs on YouTube. 

6.30 : E goes to bed. As with T, before she goes to bed we get her school clothes laid out. Sometimes she is in bed earlier and sometimes its later, usually no later than 7. We're lucky that she goes to bed early but she does sleep through all night and some mornings we have to wake her. So we''ll enjoy the early nights whilst they last!

Following that its lunch boxes (one of my least liked jobs) and making dinner for me and D. 

7.00 : D usually gets home around this time.  We eat dinner between 7 and 7.30, depending on what I've made.  

8.00 : I sit down and try to do some work, blog and faff on the laptop. 

11.00 : Bed!

What does your typical day look like?

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