#blogtober day 16 - Piercings & Tattoos

When I was 17 and had started college, I went through what I guess was a rebellious spell. Although what I was rebelling at, I couldn't tell you.  I'd call it a wild spell but I don't think wild it ever a term that has been used for me!

It started with me going to get a tattoo on my lunch break from college.  I don't even remember going with anyone, I think I went on my own. Its a tattoo I hate now and I hate the position of it even more. It's supposed to be a Chinese symbol for something, which I'm sure was meant to be symbolic at the time but that I can't for the life remember these days. Courage, I think.  Anyway, not only do I not like it but it's on the side of my stomach and I don't know why I ever thought of putting it there as I've always hated my stomach, even back in the days when I was that much slimmer.  

In no particular order, after that came piercings in the top of my ears, my nose, my belly button and my tongue.  Those were then followed by another tattoo, of another Chinese symbol, this time on my lower back. Again, I couldn't tell you what it meant!  

I still have my nose pierced although I never wear it anymore.  The tongue piercing I had done when I was on my work lunch break, I was working as a Legal Secretary at the time and I remember speaking to my boss to see if there were any rules on piercings in the office. There weren't but I do remember him trying to persuade me not to do it!  Do I wish I had listened to him? Not really, although it felt a bit surreal having it done. They clamped my tongue before spraying it and then putting the needle through and I remember sitting and thinking I couldn't believe I was having it done. The days after were.... interesting. It was obviously very painful to eat and not only that but my tongue went furry and a shade of green where it was trying to heal itself.

The belly button piercing was removed a few months later as it kept getting infected and no matter what I tried it wouldn't heal, I just have a scar as a reminder.

Even though I dislike the tattoos I have now, I won't ever get rid of them. They are hidden away and are just a reminder now of an old life. Nor would it put me off having any more.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Do you regret any of them?

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