#blogtober16 day 5 - what career did you have planned as a child

Career wise, I feel like I've drifted through my working life.  My first full time job was as an office junior and only came about because I'd quit college and my Mum said if that was the case I had to get a job.  These days I mostly love my job but even now, if you were to ask me what career I would really love if there were no obstacles in my way, I wouldn't know. 

As a child I can vaguely remember wanting to be a hairdresser but what I really wanted to be was a teacher. I don't know where that came from but I do remember that my godmother, who I absolutely loved. was a teacher.  I can remember going to Sunday school and she would be helping to run the class. It was what I wanted to do until I was maybe 12 or 13 and had a conversation with my Stepmum who rightly pointed out that it wasn't a decision to take lightly, particularly if I wanted to have children of my own as it would mean I would always be surrounded by children. Wise words! Now, just thinking about it fills me dread and I know I would never have had the patience for it. 

I can remember people suggesting to me that I became a nurse as some of the women in my family were. That was met with a big fat NO - I'm far too squeamish! Later in school though, I liked the idea of being a RE teacher but because it would have meant staying on at my school's sixth form to do the recommended courses. I was desperate to get away from school though with being bullied and so that was pushed to one side.

Fast forward to when I actually left school and my record of achievement shows that I wanted to be a journalist and wrote about the steps I would need to take. I can even remember contacting the local paper to see if I could do some work experience but didn't get a response. It was a long time ago so I can't quite remember what else I did to try and chase it, perhaps I was disheartened and did nothing but needless to say, the journalism dream didn't happen!

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  1. Some of my friends had an idea of what they wanted to be all the way through secondary school and I used to envy that because I didn't really have a clue, I was always changing my mind! #Blogtober16