#blogtober16 day 6 - Favourite Christmas/birthday present ever

Well, this is a toughie because I have a terrible memory!

When my parents split up it meant two lots of celebrations for both birthdays and Christmas. I would spend Christmas Day with one parent and then Boxing Day with the other and I think birthdays went in a similar style, one parent one year and the other the next.  I've been sat thinking about it and I can only remember a couple of presents.  

One winter, when I was in junior school, I was quite poorly with bronchopneumonia. I don't know how long it was but I was asthmatic and seem to recall I'd had several chest infections before. I was kept off school for what seemed like weeks and weeks and was obviously feeling a little sorry for myself, especially when it was snowing and I wasn't allowed to play outside.  I can remember my Mum giving me a present early and it was one of those cuddly toys that you can colour in.  I remember being so pleased with having something different to do!  

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