#blogtober16 Day 10 - 1 thing you can't live without

Of course, it goes without saying that I couldn't live without my family. But, other than my family, what else could I not live with? 

My phone? My laptop? Books?  All front runners but the most important thing that I couldn't live without would be access to the internet.  I can remember when we first got the internet at home when we would have to plug the modem in and it seemed to take for-ever to connect and would then dip in and out. Back then, it was something I only occasionally used and I didn't really understand how much could be done with it.

These days, it's a different story.  I use the internet several (and the rest!) times every day. From working remotely, shopping, reading the paper, catching up with family and friends to googling random stuff. These days, if I'm without the internet, it feels like I've had an arm cut off. It's amazing how much you rely on it.

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