#blogtober16 day 19 - 10 favourite foods

And with today's prompt, you'll see the reason I'm overweight!  Here are my top 10 favourite foods:

1 - Chocolate.  Always has been.  I'm starting to get better at not stuffing my face with it as soon as I get it.  Popping it in the fridge so that its cold helps!

2 - Bread. Proper, crusty bread with butter and nothing else.

3 -  Toast.  If I've not made plans for lunch or I really can't be bothered, I'll have toast for lunch.  Usually with either 4 or 5 on it!  

4 - Peanut butter. Obsessed with it. Always have been. 

5 - I used to be a Marmite girl but when I was pregnant with the girls it would give me terrible heartburn and so I reduced how much I had and now its Bovril.  I can remember having it at my nans with a sweet cup of tea and that's usually how I have it now.

6 - Cake.  If in doubt, chocolate cake. Victoria sponge, lemon drizzle and carrot cake will never go amiss either. 

7 - Eggs.  Dippy egg, hard boiled or scrambled, I'm not fussed. The only problem I have is that if I eat them around T, she will try to wolf it all down before I get any!

8 -  Cheese. Mostly cheddar but as long as its not too strong I'm not that fussy!

9 - Butternut squash - any squash, actually.  I usually roast it with a little salt, pepper and garlic.  I love it served warm with bacon on a salad and it makes a lovely soup too. 

10 - Garlic. I bloomin' love garlic but I try not to have it too often as I'm so self conscious about smelling of it.  

I'm now hungry after writing this.  What would be on your list?

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