#Blogtober16 Day 8 - Favourite TV programmes

During the day, if it's just me at home I don't tend to have the TV on.  Sometimes I'll pop the radio on but usually, I just like to make the most of the peace and quiet! Of course, if the kids are here and the TV's on, we usually have cartoons of some description on.  If it was down to them we would probably have a permanent loop of Bubble Guppies, Fireman Sam, Paw Patrol and Masha and The Bear. Although if it were just down to T, it would be Peppa Pig! 

I don't really have a favourite programme to watch, we don't watch any soaps, I find them too predictable. Often the TV is on of an evening but we dip in and out of it and have it more as background noise - D is often searching for things for the house or looking at how to do something and I'm often working on the laptop.  We do tend to go through spells of watching something. So for example, about a week ago we started watching a Netflix series, Spotless, and we now have 2 out of the 10 episodes left to watch.  We finally got round to watching Breaking Bad at this time last year and whizzed through that as well as Better Call Saul. 

I've also become a big fan of Scandi dramas and have a long list of those recorded and saved to watch including Beck, Dicte and The Killing.  We've watched a few other sub-titled dramas which have been really good too including Arne Dahl, The Bridge, Cordon (Flemish) and Witnesses (French).  The only downside with watching something with subtitles is you really have to sit and concentrate on it!  Are there any that you would recommend?  

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