#Blogtober16 Day 9 - Favourite Movies you never get sick of watching

Today's prompt is another toughie for me, simply because I don't tend to watch films. I don't like being sat infront of the TV and just watching something, I often feel like I need to be doing something else at the same time. So I really couldn't tell you a favourite film and instead, for today's post, it will be the kids favourite films!

One of the first on the list, of course, is Frozen.  I actually don't mind it too much - perhaps they haven't watched it as much as I thought?!  I try not to encourage the whole Disney princess thing too much but Frozen is bearable, I actually quite like the music in it too.

Fireman Sam - Heroes of the Storm and the Great Fire of Pontypandy.  Over the summer, E really got into Heroes of the Storm. So much so, it was the only thing she wanted to watch, which was interesting and I think I've just about weaned her off it! I don't mind Fireman Sam, in small doses, as it has some important information in there for them. 

'Stick Man lives in the family tree....' Whilst not strictly a film, the girls love it and so does D. I on the other hand, am not so keen.  Of all the Julia Donaldson books, its not one that I'm that keen on. 

Finally, Room on the Broom - another firm favourite. Again, not strictly a film but we love it so much so that we've booked tickets to take the girls to see it next year.

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