#blogtober16 Day 17 - Favourite concert you have attended

Today's prompt takes no thinking about.   My favourite concert is actually the only concert I've ever been to. 

Sunday 25th June 2006 saw me at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes waiting to see Take That! Even now, I can't put into words just how excited I was to see them. 

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A couple of weeks before the concert, I was completely unaware that my Stepmum had brought tickets for us. When she told me, I think I actually screamed down the phone at her. I've always been a Take That fan and remember being gutted that I'd never seen them in concert when I was a teenager and they split.

At the time I was still living with my Mum in Wiltshire and I drove, on my own, to Milton Keynes to meet my step mum and sister there with my Take That CD playing. I remember feeling so excited and impatient as I was sat in traffic. I just wanted to get there! When I eventually did, I was parked so far away it seemed to take forever to walk to the site (and even longer when the concert finished!).

But it was so worth it as when we got there, not only had she brought us tickets but we were right at the very front, with the stage just metres away. We were so close you could see their facial expressions, it was just amazing.  

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  1. Ahh! How fantastic!
    Take that are brilliant x