Monthly Roundup: October 2016

October feels like I blinked and I missed it. Seriously, where did the month go?

I've found both girls to be somewhat challenging this month. T's current favourite word seems to be no, often accompanied with the stamping of the feet. And E, well, where do I start. One moment she'll be fine, the next she's grumpy as anything and back chatting me.  The other day she actually said 'oh mum, just shut up would you'.  I think she's had so much to cope with in terms of school, learning so much and the whole new routine that something's got to give.  

 Playing makeup (aka tinted lip gloss) / witch and her cat/barbies/practicing letters

We had October half term and, needless to say, as always, both girls were ill. We had several plans which we had to cancel and in the end, we only managed to get out for one day with friends. As we have season tickets, we decided to take a trip to Banham and luckily it was the one day that the girls weren't poorly!  

E is thriving at school. She loves doing her phonics and her 'challenges', as they refer to homework. She's still shy when it comes to going into the classroom in the morning but she always has a smile on her face when she comes out in the afternoon. We're so pleased with how she's getting on, the only criticism I really have is that they let them out of the classroom so late - yesterday we didn't get back to the car until 3.50, 20 minutes after school actually finishes!  

The month ended on a low note.  D's auntie passed away after a long battle with cancer and my godmother's husband also passed away, after a short battle with cancer.  Three losses since September is quite enough, thank you.

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