Monthly Roundup: September 2016

If you are on Facebook you can't help but notice the hundreds of memes that do the rounds, from parenting to work.  I ignore many of them but one of the parenting ones that stick in my mind is  'the days are long but the years are short'. As we head into October, how true that is, I just don't know where the last month has gone.  

September has been all about school and getting into new routines.  I think getting the routine down is key and has been just as hard for me to get used to!  I am not a morning person so I try to do as much as I can the night before to make the mornings a little easier so before the girls go bed we set out their clothes for the next morning.  Once they've gone to bed, I make lunch and snacks for T (on nursery days), pack their bags up and line shoes, bags and coats up. I usually get their drinks ready for the morning and pop their breakfast into tupperware boxes, depending on what they say they want - often cereal or fruit bread. I'm quite strict on myself to make sure I do it as soon as they are in bed as there is nothing worse than thinking everything's sorted and then rushing to get it done before bed!   

It seems summer and being out of school lulls you into a false sense of security.  Just over a week in and E came down with a cough and cold, followed by T and then myself and D. Didn't take long did it?!

Whilst she still clings to me when it comes to going into school, E is thriving.  She's becoming more confident and is picking up so much, including an attitude!  It's nice to see her coming out of her shell, looking forward to going to school and how excited she is to see her friends when she's there.  Not only that but I've had some very proud Mummy moments in the short time she's been there. She's had a little award for maths and she's been given house points for being kind and helpful. But the proudest moment has to have been her reading her first sentences. We've always read together but I've been trying to do more with her since starting school and she is now starting to spell out and recognise a few words.  As a child, I had a high reading age and was a complete bookworm so I really hope that she 
(and T) follow this path.   

I must admit that I was quite nervous about E starting school, on a personal front. I was worried about being stood in the playground and feeling like I was back at school myself, not knowing anyone to talk to. Actually though, its been the exact opposite.  From moving up here, I didn't know many people and now its really nice because I see so many people to chat to and its nice that we can chat and go for coffee. Making friends as a grown up is so hard but having children gives you some common ground and makes it that little bit easier.

On the home front, this month saw our garage being bricked up ready for converting into the new kitchen. New windows have been ordered, as has a new front door which I'm really looking forward to as I hate our current, very dated front door!  As it creeps closer, I'm starting to look at kitchens and trying to decide exactly what I want which is a bit daunting as I've never had to think about any of that before. I want to make sure I don't miss anything off and get it just right.  We're also looking at new bathroom suites as we have a leaky shower. It is so exciting to see things finally come together!

So long September. October, please be kind.  We don't want too many bugs! 

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