Low on space? Creating a stylish bathroom is easier than you might think

When we think of re-designing our bathrooms, we tend to groan and consider it a huge job. But actually, many families these days have two separate bathrooms in the house. One tends to be the main bathroom, which is upstairs. But many of us also have what we simply call 'the downstairs loo' - the toilet under the stairs. Some people do actually have a shower in here too, but for the most part, it is simply a place for a second toilet and basin. If you have one, or if you're thinking of installing one, don't immediately shun it as a room that doesn't need any attention. It may be small, but small spaces can be stylish too! Plus, if you often host gatherings or parties at your home, it will get used a lot more frequently than you might think. Here are some tips for making use of a small space such as your downstairs bathroom.

Don't go overboard with decor
If you're a lover of all things interior design, you will probably want to go a little mad when shopping for decor for your small bathroom. However, the important thing to remember here is that less is more. In an already small space, too much decor can make the room look overly busy and therefore smaller. You want to make sure your guests have room to breath when they use your downstairs bathroom, after all! If you really do need to unleash your creative flair in this room, try to keep it simple. One striking piece of art will say a lot more than fifteen smaller pieces. Add a cacti selection on a shelf and you're good to go - don't overdo it here.

Be smart with your storage...
Looking at the space you have to work with, you might wonder if you're going to have room for any storage at all. However, even though most of your bathroom related items will live in the family bathroom, it's always helpful to have a few spare items in the downstairs one too. Getting caught short without loo roll is one thing when you're upstairs, but an entirely different situation when you are downstairs! Installing a small cupboard (either under the sink or on the wall) to keep things like this in will be helpful for everyone. Many companies offer stylish yet space-savvy options for bathroom furniture. The trend of luxurious bathrooms is here to stay. So, there's no reason why your small bathroom can't be part of the trend too.

... and your accessories
However tempting it is to go for that huge, silver-framed mirror - consider whether you really need it for your downstairs bathroom. Mirrors that are the entire length of the wall do look good, of course. But if you are sacrificing shelves and towels rails in order to have this feature, you may want to rethink things. If you genuinely are struggling for wall space, you might need to get creative. Opt for a small heated towel rail rather than a huge radiator, and pop your soap on the side of the sink rather than having a wall-mounted soap dish.

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