Meal Planning Monday

I've been stuck in a bit of a rut with cooking recently. The girls always eat separately to us as D is home after they've gone to bed.  E is still very much stuck in her ways with what she likes to eat, although she is trying more but T has become quite difficult. Once happy to eat anything and everything she now turns her nose up at pretty much everything and hasn't eaten a full meal in weeks. I think its a combination of pickiness and feeling under the weather. So I've been feeling quite fed up with cooking and having my efforts pushed away. 

This week, I've tried to choose some meals different from those I would normally make and I plan to sit down and search for some new recipes to shake things up a little.  

With that in mind, this week looks like this:

Steak and ale pie with horseradish mash and roasted cauliflower

Cod and parsley fish cakes and chips 


Cauliflower rice (me)
Chicken wraps (D)

Pork chops with shredded cabbage, leeks and spring greens and potatoes with a mustard sauce.

What's on your menu this week? Inspire me!

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