Must-Read Advice For Stay At Home Mums Going Back To Work

There are many mums out there that were once in full-time work. Then, you went on maternity leave and decided not to return. You needed to stay with your kids, and you became a stay at home mum. There’s nothing wrong with this, but, sometimes you want to get back into work. So, I have some essential advice for mums that want to return to the workplace:

Plan Your Decision In Advance

The worst thing you can do is wake up one day and decide you’re going back to work. This is a decision that needs to be thought through and planned carefully. You have to think about who will look after the kids. Or, how many hours can you afford to work every week? Then, you also have to spend time getting your CV together again. Ensure everything is in tip top shape before you start applying for jobs. If you rush into things, then you might find it difficult to get a job. Rushing is never the way to go about anything in life. That’s a pro tip for you, mother to mother, planning will always yield better results than rushing.

Make Yourself As Hireable As Possible

If you’ve been a stay at home mum for a long time, then the job market may be different to how you remember it. These days, there’s more competition for jobs than ever before. This means that finding a new job is easier said than done. But, don’t let this dishearten you, there are steps you can take to make things better. Namely, you want to make yourself as hireable as possible. You should list as many references as possible on your CV. This shows you have nothing to hide, and they can contact your references for confirmation that you are indeed a star. Also, a great idea is to produce your criminal record too. There are places like uCheck where you can get your hands on your full record. This is handy as it shows employers that you’re squeaky clean and they have nothing to worry about. By doing these things, you’re eliminating possible reasons someone has for not hiring you. As such, your chances of employment increase.

Don’t Let Your Kids Hold You Back

When a lot of mothers go back to work, they feel shackled by their kids. It seems like some companies are reluctant to employ mothers with young children. They’re worried that you won’t have enough time for the company and will quit after a few months. In essence, having children starts to hold you back in the workplace. Well, my advice is to embrace the fact you are a mother who has multiple children. Show people that this isn’t a weakness in your application, it’s a strength. Looking after young children and running a family is one of the toughest jobs out there. You can explain how many skills you’ve harnessed during your time at home. This includes multitasking, being productive, problem-solving; you name it! Don’t let being a mum hold you back, use it as a strength instead.

Follow this advice, and you will soon have a job and be a working mother. You’ll join the millions of strong working women out there that prove mums don’t have to stay at home.

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