New Mummy Matters: Preparing Your Home For When You've Given Birth

As the end of pregnancy approaches, expectant mothers tend to go through a variety of different emotions.

If this is your first pregnancy, then you're spending a lot of time anticipating the new arrival, of course. The rest of the time you're tempted by the foetal position yourself, as you panic if you can handle this - "this" being birth, parenting, getting up off the sofa.

If you're there, done that and got the baby before, then you're probably a little more sanguine. You have the benefit of knowing what's coming. Or... the curse of knowing what's coming - there's no deluding yourself this time around!

Even with all of these emotions swirling around, it's a time when most women want to feel serene and calm. They want to be perfect miracle-of-life goddesses, preferably in a field, wearing a flower headband. Unfortunately, this strikes at the exact point at which your body isn't so on board. It wants to pee and eat and nest and worry.

The nesting instinct is a particularly strong one. And unlike a sudden desire to drink petrol, it's pretty harmless too. It's worth indulging if it helps you feel a little more in control, at a time when everything seems to be happening without your say-so. All you can do is wait, so you might as well do it constructively.

Where to focus depends on your interests, but one of the best areas to consider is how regarding birth. Or, more importantly, how you're going to go about recovering from it. No matter if you are going to be having a natural delivery or a caesarean, it's still going to take some recovery from. Giving birth is an important biological process - and of course, it likes to make its point known.

If you're not sure where to start, here are a few ideas to kick you off on the road to as pleasant a post-birth as possible.

New Mummy Matters 1 - Comfort Reigns Supreme
You're probably not going to be running any marathons in the aftermath of giving birth, as your body takes a time to recover. One way to shorten this is to look critically at your furniture and wonder how it can be improved.

There are two particular areas to focus on. If you're going to be nursing, then you're going to need somewhere comfortable to do it. Make sure the chair is supportive but soft enough to keep you comfortable as you recover. Secondly, you're going to need to grab as much sleep as possible, so a quick look at a Tempur guide can help find a mattress that will suit. If you've only got time to have five instead of 40 winks, better make sure they're good ones!

New Mummy Matters 2 - Clutter Be Gone
The first few weeks of being a new parent involve a fog of tiredness and fatigue. As mentioned, your body is taking a hit right at a time when you need to be on your guard. Take the opportunity now to reduce as much clutter in your home as possible.

The key here is to make things as easy to find as possible. Go through your kitchen drawers, the bathroom cabinet, and even any existing kids' room and ensure it's running smoothly. Throw away and get a rubbish collection for any bulky items - you can usually do this by calling your local council.

New Mummy Matters 3 - Stock Up On Everything
Okay, here's how this works. Think of all the things a new baby is going to need. Now, go and buy lots of them. Several of each item; store them in your home wherever they will fit.
Okay, done that? That was quick!

Now go and buy more.

This isn't just mindless consumerism. It's taking advantage of you having the time to do this now, rather than in the exhausted first days. You will go through the essentials (baby wipes, clothing, bottles, etc.) faster than you expect - and 2 am on a cold morning is not the time to discover it. Stockpile as much as you can to make the first few weeks a little easier.

Also, think of your nutritional needs. Post-birth, you're going to be in a rush. If you'd struggle to make it around a supermarket at this stage in your pregnancy, then use a delivery service. Avoid perishable items in favour of frozen where possible - and that doesn't have to mean "bad" food. Vegetables are actually more nutritious when they have been frozen.

With the above done, now all you need is a baby! Good luck!

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