Review: Prestige Flowers 'Monet' Bouquet

I love fresh flowers and whilst I don't buy myself them very often, I do love to see a burst of colour on my windowsill and to get a burst of their scent every now and then.  

Last week I was sent the gorgeous Monet bouquet from Prestige Flowers.  There's nothing like receiving a bunch of flowers and to be honest they could not have come at a better time to help put a smile on my face following the loss of a close family friend and D's aunt. 

The Monet bouquet was from Prestige's National Gallery range of luxury flowers, which have been inspired by masterpieces. The flowers are inspired by the soft pastel shades used by Monet in his Water-Lily Pond.  The following has been taken from the product description and explains why each flower has been used: 

"... Memory Lane Roses with their dark mauve edge fading to a soft lilac centre, contrasted with the deep purple Statice highlighting the blue tones in the painting.

A central stem of Ammi speckles this bouquet with white flecks of 'light'.

Sinuous pale pink Veronica and spring green Thlaspi represent the weeping willow surrounding Monet's famous garden. This delicate bouquet is framed by lily-pads..."

The bouquet was delivered in a large and sturdy box and came with a beautiful glass vase as well as a sachet of food and care instructions whilst the stems were carefully wrapped in a wet covering to prevent them from drying out. 

When I compared the bouquet to that pictured on their website (shown below) it was a perfect match to it, with the same amount of each flower shown in their image, in the bouquet. 

I'm not the best at flower arranging so when I put the flowers into the vase I left the stems tied which kept them, mostly, arranged. The colours are a wonderful mix of pastels, my only criticism if I really had to make one is that there doesn't appear to be much scent to them although that of course doesn't stop them from looking stunning. And it might just be my sense of smell!

The bouquet retails for £30 which, in my experience of buying and sending flowers online, is very reasonable. A week on, I've removed a few wilting rose petals but otherwise, the bouquet is still going strong and looks just as lovely as the day I received it, making it a worthwhile purchase and one I would be happy to make to send to family or friends. 

Prestige Flowers were kind enough to send me the Monet Bouquet for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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