Christmas 2016 - Buddy The elf

Last year was the first Christmas we had spent in our new home and it was also the first Christmas I started the Elf tradition in our family. E understood but T was still too young.  

This year I had been toying with the idea of doing it again but it wasn't until D reminded E that the elf was coming that I properly thought about it.  

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We popped out earlier in the week to pick up a few bits and I found a couple of cheap Paw Patrol onesies which I thought would be ideal to start December off with. They were so cheap that I'm not worried if they only last them a few weeks but the girls absolutely loved them and the letter that Buddy left with them!

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A photo posted by Kate (@newmummykate) on

A photo posted by Kate (@newmummykate) on

A photo posted by Kate (@newmummykate) on

So far the girls have loved coming downstairs in the morning to see where Buddy is. Mummy has had a few near misses with forgetting to move him and there was a night where I had moved him early in the evening and then E had to come downstairs as she was poorly. We bluffed our way out of that one when she spotted he had moved!  

We mostly just move him around the living room into different positions but they were quite excited to see him having a tea and karaoke party with their singing Elsa doll and cuddly toys!  I try to keep it as simple as possible so that they don't expect too much and then throw in a letter or little something here and there.  

We use Buddy as a way of reminding the girls to behave and that Santa is watching and so far, so good. It may well be a fluke but there's been a whole less stroppiness around here over the past couple of weeks so I'll take it whilst it lasts!

Do you do the whole Elf 'thing' at Christmas? What are your thoughts on it?  

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