Monthly Roundup : November 2016

It's a few days late but here's a brief look at our November:

On the 17th, we saw the BBC Rickshaw Challenge come through our town. If you don't know what the Rickshaw Challenge was, its a team of riders (including Matt Baker of The One Show) pedaling a rickshaw on an epic journey across the UK. This was the sixth year running and saw them start on the 11th in the Scottish Borders and finish on the 18th in London.  

We tracked them as soon as we woke up and got the girls fed and dressed super early before heading outside to cheer them on. I don't know who was more excited to see them, me or the girls! 

Blurry pics unfortunately but we got a wave and hello!

I finally sorted out an eye test for myself and got new glasses. My last eye test was when T was just 3 months old and I never got round to sorting out the new glasses I needed then so I was pleased to get them sorted.  For once, I think I'm happy with them too!  

Mum came to stay for the weekend. We haven't seen her since August so it was nice to catch up - the girls were very excited! I write about our visit to the seaside here

We seem to have lots of things going on at the school in the run up to Christmas. There was World Book Day and then last week with it being Children In Need there was a non-uniform day and the school bake off. I made a bit of a mistake though as she thought they were on the same day and it wasn't until 8.30 the night before she realised when looking at someone's Facebook page and realising they were sharing photos of the cakes they were taking. Whoops! Thankfully I was able to make some chocolate brownies using a super simple and, more importantly, quick recipe!  

D has been entering lots of competitions for some time now and this month he won a Bigjigs toy kitchen. Whilst the girls have a toy kitchen, in the run up to Christmas, the timing couldn't have been better. The kitchen is one of the toys they play with daily and, of course, argue over so the plan is to put one each in their bedrooms and hopefully put an end to it.  

Finally, November took with it J, someone who had been close to my family for well over 25 years and D's Auntie. Both had been very poorly and will be very much missed.  

December. Please be kind.

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