Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

If you are a homeowner, you will know all about the everyday maintenance and repairs that come with owning your very own property. You may be very tempted to call out some handymen to come and help you with all these little jobs but, as a matter of fact, that isn’t always necessary. It may save you some time, but it can work out very expensive and could lead to you unexpectedly in debt! But why call out the professionals when you can do these small jobs yourself? Not sure you can? Well, to coin a phrase from good old Bob the Builder - Can we fix it? Yes, we can! Here are some jobs you should be able to do on your own.


Convert Your Loft Space
Do you want to make some more space in your home by adding an extra bedroom to your loft or attic? This may sound like a big job, but it isn’t particularly difficult if your attic is already in good condition. However, if the attic has been neglected for a few years, it may require some minor building work carried out. You can make sure you don’t spend by finding a quote for the work on sites like My Build Estimate. But if your attic is in a pretty good condition, you will just have to clear it out and decorate it appropriately.

Dealing With Doors
All the wooden doors in your home may not be exposed to the elements outside, but there are still certain factors that will affect them. For instance, if they haven’t been fitted with enough space between them and the frames, they might end up swelling. If you notice that there is some resistance when you try to close the door, the problem could be swelling. To fix this, simply take off the door and sand it with a carpenter’s plane. If you have a door that squeaks or sticks, the hinges might be oxidising. To solve this, simply cover them with a thin layer of lubrication.


Unclogging A Toilet
By now, you should really know how to unclog a toilet. This really doesn’t require a plumber’s attention! It is a job that you can do in just a few minutes. First of all, make sure that there isn’t a foreign object that has made its way into the toilet by accident. If not, you should use your plunger to try and clear the blog. If that doesn’t budge anything, pour a kettle’s worth of boiling water into the toilet bowl and let it sit there for a few minutes. Then start plunging again. Hopefully, the heat from the water will have helped to loosen the blockage.

Bob the Builder is a very hands-on character and someone who you should definitely try and take some inspiration from! If you start to do all these jobs yourself, you will find that you save yourself a lot of money by not hiring professionals. So, after me: Can we fix it? Yes we can!

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