Is Social Media Sapping your confidence?

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Do you check your newsfeed as soon as you wake up in the morning? If lots of your friends are also mums, you might well find that you’re constantly comparing their lives with your own. While social media can be a great way of keeping in touch with old school friends and former work colleagues around the world – it can also have a major effect on your confidence and self-esteem. So, how do you enjoy the world of Facebook or Instagram without being reduced to a jealous wreck?

Remember that social media pages are about projecting an image. That friend who always seems to be having the most fabulous time of her life with perfectly behaved children and a lovingly attentive husband? She’s no different from you – she still has bad days, stressful days and times when the kids are driving her absolutely nuts! The trick is to remember that people only put their best bits on social media and that no one has a glossily perfect life – no matter how much it seems that way.

Choose your friends carefully. If you wouldn’t chat with them if you bumped into each other on the street – why torture yourself with viewing posts that make you feel inadequate? You know the types – the ones who post details and photos of all their gym sessions, or pics of their kids displaying genius-like qualities. If they’re only connected to you as means of boasting – they’re not worth bothering with!

Use your news feed for inspiration instead of an opportunity to indulge your insecurities. When you see a photo of your friend’s gorgeous new David Gundry furniture – send her a message to find out where and when she bought it. Go online to get the best deals, and transform your living room so that it is as picture worthy as everyone else’s – you’ll feel better in no time!

Take breaks from social media to maintain a sense of perspective. Not only will this help you to feel less stressed and insecure, but you’ll also be setting a great example for your kids. Don’t want them to be glued to a screen all day? You have to show them how it’s done! I’ve seen so many mums who take their kids on an outing and then spend most of their time updating their status about what fun everyone’s having. Your kids are only young once, so put down the phone so that you can make the most of every single second.

Research has shown that being addicted to social media can destroy your confidence and make you yearn for a life that doesn’t really exist. Take a step back from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to feel more content and enjoy your life, your kids and your family right now. If you’d like to learn more about how to be more confident and feel better about yourself, have a read at this page. Your kids are relying on you to show them how to believe in themselves – so put down your phone and watch your self-esteem grow!

* Contributed Post

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