Keep Your Home Warm During This Cold Snap

At this time of year, in particular, we can spend a lot of money on heating our homes. The weather has been freezing recently, so it feels a little like we have had our heating on constantly. But the prices we pay for heating our homes can cost a lot. And it isn’t possible to just keep the heating on all day, unfortunately. So we have been looking for ways to make our home more energy efficient in the hope that we can make a massive difference to the heating bill. Here are some suggestions if you are struggling in this cold snap that we are having.


Check Your Boiler
Your boiler is the magic place where all the heated water happens. So you want to make sure that it is in tip-top shape. More modern boilers are much more efficient than their older counterparts. So if yours is over ten years old, then it might be time to think about getting a boiler replacement. Then it can heat your water quicker and easier than it has done in the past. When your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard, your home will heat up much faster too. So it is a win-win, right?

Switch to LED Light Bulbs
In order to save money in winter during the darker months, then it is a good idea to switch the light bulbs to LED light bulbs. They are much longer lasting than regular light bulbs, as well as being cheaper to run. And let’s face it; we have our lights on much more at this time of year when it is just so dark and grey outside! LED light bulbs don’t sacrifice on any light quality either, and lots of other energy efficient bulbs do.

Check Your Loft Insulation
If you have a loft, then that needs to be checked as soon as possible. Like we humans lose heat through our heads, our homes will lose heat through the roof. The insulation in your loft should be thick and all over the loft area. If you don’t have any, then look into it as soon as possible. It will help keep the heat in your home for longer which is mega important at this time of year.

Use Curtains
If you have curtains, then make sure that you use them to your advantage. Quite often radiators are placed underneath windows. Sometimes I wonder why as it is an easy way just to have heat leave the home straight away. We tuck our curtains behind the radiators, helping to keep the heat in the room for longer, especially in T's room which is particularly cold. The more heat that stays in, the less you will need to switch the heating on. Curtains also act as a double layer of insulation too, keeping the heat in the room. So if you only have blinds, it might be worth looking into getting curtains.

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