Looking forward to our new bathroom

One of the first jobs we decided needed to be done in 2017 was the bathroom. Originally it wasn't high on the list of priorities but with the shower leaking through to the kitchen ceiling and leaving the hallway walls damp, we really had no choice.  As it is, I hate our bathroom with a passion so I'm glad it worked out this way.  Here are some of the reasons why I'm so glad to be saying goodbye to the current bathroom:

So long floor to ceiling tiles! 
I don't know what they were thinking but the floor tiles are white and the wall tiles a black marble effect and they are vile.  Who would put black wall tiles in a bathroom? It looks dated, grubby and makes the bathroom feel cold.  The floor tiles aren't much better, the dark grouting makes them look dirty and they are mismatched where someone has obviously had to pull some tiles up and didn't have enough of the originals to put back down. 

A breath of fresh air
At the moment, there is no ventilation system in place. When we've had a shower, everything mists up and is covered with condensation so we have to open the windows to clear it.  Not ideal in the winter!  

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Hello Bath! 
Whoever designed the bathroom obviously wasn't a bath fan. Instead, we have a shower which is fine but you know those nights where you've had a long, stressful day and feel like unwinding in a hot bath... I can't wait to be able to do that again!  We ordered a large roll top bath that looks divine and I suspect it will feel like a novelty for the first few weeks. As well as being able to unwind in the bath, I'm also looking forward to being able to bath the girls rather than having to shower them.

At the moment, bathroom storage is severely lacking. We have a crappy grey tiered trolley which is flimsy and doesn't look very nice.  I'm not a fan of having everything out on display either as it can look very untidy and quickly gathers dust and with everything being so dark it's immediately noticeable. We have ordered a sink vanity unit and separate cupboard to replace it and I'm looking forward to having the bathroom surfaces somewhat cleaner. 

Oooh, Shiny and new!
I don't know how old the current bathroom suite is but as well as looking tired and dated, no matter how much I clean or what I use, the bathroom looks grubby.  The bottom of the shower is discoloured, matter how much bleach I use. The wall fittings (toilet roll holder, towel holders) are all brass and aren't fitted particularly well.  It will be nice to replace them with something smarter and clean looking!

D has made good progress over the Christmas break, having ripped out the sink, bidet and shower.  Most of the wall and floor has also been stripped of tiles.  We did have a slight mishap tonight, with that leak mentioned above being to blame. When I say we, I do of course mean ME.  D has had the bucket that I use to wash the floor propped under the shower in case of leaks so I went up to swap it over so I could wash the kitchen floor but as I leaned to grab the bucket, the chipboard beneath my foot snapped and my foot went through. The chipboard was where the previous leak was and was obviously a fix-up from a previous problem as the rest of the floor is floorboards.  Needless to say, I bent the pipe underneath, it started hissing and water started dripping out. Luckily I knew where to switch the water off and phoned D to give him the good news.  Once again, I'm very thankful that D is capable of doing so much around the house. I'm also very thankful that I didn't go through the ceiling, especially as it was just me and the girls at home, although as I write this my foot feels quite swollen and tender. Within an hour of being home from work, D had it fixed and the water was back on. Phew!

With all the suite fittings ordered and with us, all is left now is for us to decide on the smaller fittings and tiles which are, so far, proving to be a sticking point but I can't wait to be able to share the finished bathroom with you.

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