Monthly Roundup : December 2016

Crikey, December's been a busy month.

We put our Christmas decorations up at the end of November and the girls were very excited about this.  I love how the house looks when the decorations first go up but I must admit that I'm always glad to pack them away and for the house to look less cluttered!  

At the beginning of the month, we had E's friend over for dinner after school. It was supposed to be two friends with their Mum and Dad but one of them came out of school and was promptly sick so it turned out to be just the one and her sister.... with their Dad who I didn't know that well.  Turns out it wasn't as awkward as I thought it might be and he's a nice guy. His wife came along after she finished work so it was quite a nice evening actually. 

It wouldn't be December without the children being ill! They both had their flub jabs early in the month and were quite poorly after, T particularly so with an ongoing cough which is currently being treated as suspected asthma. Whilst the cough has since eased off we have had to take her for a chest x-ray just to confirm everything's ok as her temperature was fluctuating between 38 and 39.5 

The last week of school was a busy one for E. There was her school nativity which had two showings meaning that we could see it as well as her grandparents. It was really lovely to watch and all the kids did really well. It would have been even lovelier if we had been able to see E taking part but she is still incredibly shy and I think the prospect of so many people sat in front of her made her quite scared. Instead, she sat with her teacher at the side, taking part in some of the songs but mostly sitting with her head tucked down. 

She also had a school trip to a farm park where she got to see Santa followed by the school disco.  It was actually very interesting to hear from one of the other Mums that she went straight into the dark(ish) hall and was at the front dancing with her friends. There was also a visit for her at school from Santa who told her she was on the good list!  

T also had a busy few days at nursery in the last week including a Christmas party and meeting Santa. It was very funny when I collected her, she grabbed hold of her present, told me she had seen Santa and the present and coin (chocolate!) were hers and not Es.  

The last week of school/nursery was quite nice for them both as they both made the effort to do lots of crafts with them, as well as sending reindeer food for them and little chocolates.

One Sunday, E had two parties to go to. Two in one day, with under two hours between. - I don't recommend it! The first was harder going than the second as E was quite clingy for much of it but the second was a completely different story.  It was at a soft play centre, most of her year was there and I barely saw her! It was really lovely as it meant I got to sit down and chat with some of the other Mums. 

There was some sad news within my extended family with 3 members passing within a week.  They weren't people I knew terribly well but they have all been in my thoughts. since. 

The parents of one of E's friends invited a group of children and parents over for a BBQ one evening which was really lovely. The kids, 6 of them in total, all played brilliantly, even the two youngest. My two particularly enjoyed playing on the trampoline and karaoke and the chocolate brownies I took along went down well! 

We also had a playdate at my friend R's house, which was lovely if not somewhat loud.  She was a hell of a lot braver than me as there were NINE children in all! Nine!  We took them to the park to burn off a bit of energy before going back to hers for lunch.  

We took the girls to see Santa at Banham a couple of weeks before Christmas which the girls loved. We weren't quite so impressed, the grotto wasn't great, I thought it looked quite shabby and Santa was just as poor. So much so, he didn't realise he hadn't given the girls their presents until they were out of the door and had to call them back in.

Finally, we had Christmas! The girls were totally and utterly spoilt and had lots of dolls and accessories, clothes and books, amongst other things.  D won a BigJigs kitchen, which they loved and they now have a kitchen each in their bedrooms. 

Here's hoping 2017 is kind to us all! 

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