Half Term Blues

Half terms have become somewhat notorious in our house.  You can guarantee that either in the few days before or as half term hits, one or both of the girls will be poorly.  

February half term was no exception. Of course.  The last Friday of school, E's teacher contacted me to say that she had a few spots but they didn't think it was anything too serious and weren't overly worried.  By the time I collected her, she had a few more and was complaining of generally feeling unwell which continued through to the next day. Saturday night was spent crying and whimpering through the night and by Sunday she was very poorly.  With patches of spots, mostly on her arms and legs, she was complaining of a sore neck, backache and a headache.  She spent most of the day laying on the sofa or on me, either snoozing on and off or whimpering again. The rash got no worse or better but after alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen with no effect we decided to phone the out of hours doctors for some advice. We were able to get her seen fairly quickly because they were worried about the possibility of meningitis but thankfully, after an examination, that was quickly ruled out. In the end, it was put down to a nasty viral infection that should clear up on its own.  

Needless to say, it took a good few days for the virus - and spots - to clear, meaning that we had to cancel the plans we had made. It happens every half term, I'm surprised anyone attempts to make plans with us in all honesty! E has gone back to school today and T to nursery and I feel somewhat guilty that we haven't been able to get out and do more over the week.

On the plus side, we used our time stuck in the house wisely and started potty training T and, finger's crossed, we seem to have cracked it pretty quickly. There have been a few accidents but those were down to her being engrossed in playing and me not being on the ball so all in all, we're really pleased.

Its been a while (August last year - crikey!) but I'm linking up with:

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  1. Cute Love that picture!

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  2. What a shame!! It's so typical isn't it?! I hope she's feeling a lot better now. Viral infections are the worst as you know you can't do much about it. So many bugs going around at the moment.
    Well done on turning it into a positive and making progress on the potty training. We did ours just before Christmas and I definitely say the accidents are when I'm not on the ball and forget to remind her to go before we leave the house or something. Silly me!

  3. Oh bless her, hope she's feeling much better. I always used to get ill at the start of holidays too, at the end of every term at uni I would go home and come down with tonsillitis within days! x #LivingArrows