Monthly roundup: February 2017

February looked liked this:

T and E have had some play dates this month.  We went to C's after school where they had a great time painting with C and her Mum.  They all got really into it and afterward they were so messy that popping them all in the bath was the only way to go. That's one of the things that I love about this age - there's no sense of embarrassment or worry at getting undressed in front of anyone or whether somebody else's clothes will fit. Whether someone will say something about your body shape. I wish that confidence could be bottled and lack of worry could be bottled up and kept forever.

We also had an evening at A's house which was also lovely and, to my surprise, not only did E eat 'crunchy carrots' she also had ice cream!  Of course, she's not had them since but I live in hope!

We had a really nice, if not somewhat cold, afternoon along the seafront at Hunstanton. The girls took their scooters and we spent ages walking up and down the beach, looking for shells and jumping in the rock pools. 

D has been cracking on with the bathroom.  Doing everything around the children and work means things take a little longer but its slowly coming together and we're both pleased with how it's looking - I can't wait to share pictures with you once it's finished, but here's a sneak peek. 

It was my birthday. 35. When I was in my teens 35 seemed so old and so far away so it almost feels a little surreal. 5 years away from 40 and I still feel like a naive teenager that doesn't have a clue what they are doing most of the time. When does that change?  My birthday fell on a workday so I spent the day in the office, which wasn't too bad. 

It was half term, so of course, E was poorly but every cloud has a silver lining and I managed to get T potty trained. It has been so much easier than when we potty trained E.

The land next door to us has finally been sold which we are really pleased with, despite the potential for noise disturbance.  It will smarten the area up and it has also meant we've had a new fence put up in our garden as they needed to remove part of it whilst clearing their land. The downside to that was that my border was completely dug up and I've lost a number of plants and bulbs, including the large established rose and lavender plants, snapdragons, delphiniums and gladioli.  I'm hoping that the builders will be able to replace them shortly but on the plus side, it means I can now work on that side of the garden and get it looking how I want without fear of it being dug up again. 

Finally, I've been working on going gluten free.  Its a slow process, remembering what I have to avoid and making the right choices where I can. I'm in the middle of preparing an update post but so far I've noticed a huge difference and it has been worth all the effort I've made.   

How was your February?

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