Surviving as a Mother & Homeowner

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Whether you’re a single mother or one of two stressed-out parents, there’s no denying that juggling the jobs of looking after a child and looking after a house, along with a million other daily chores, is a mammoth undertaking. You may have reached breaking point or perhaps the whole ordeal feels like one long breaking point to you. Whatever the case, if you’re tired of despairing and feeling as if you’re running out of options, then here are some tips and tricks which might help you get your home back in order whilst ensuring that you remain a good mother and retain your sanity. It sounds impossible, but believe it or not, you don’t have to be a superhero.

Keeping on top of chores
That’s not an order, as you’re not a robot. Chores, unfortunately, have to be done. You shouldn’t do them alone, but setting up a rota for everyone in the house to follow will help ensure that everything which needs to be done on a weekly basis gets done. Otherwise, you’ll find that things become messy around the household very quickly, as it’s all too easy to forget to do the odd house chore here and there. Creating a schedule that you could put up on a wall in the kitchen means that everybody knows their job and there’s never an argument about who forgot to take out the bins. Ticking off your job once you’ve done it and starting again the following Monday is a simple and straightforward way to keep on top of chores.

Cutting down on unnecessary expenses
Living is expensive. You don’t need me to tell you that. Running a household costs money. Necessary energy and water bills, washing products, food, toiletries and numerous other expenses rack up the monthly costs very quickly. The problem is that you’re likely wasting additional month each month that you needn’t be wasting. You could check out the best energy deals on Simply Switch if you needed a place to start comparing providers, for example. So many people waste so much money every month simply by using more expensive brands that they need to be using or leaving the heating on during hours that they needn’t be using it.

The best way to fix this is to make a note of all the outgoing costs you have each month and then go through each one and try to see if you can conjure up a cheaper alternative in your head. With certain foods and drinks, there’s likely always a cheaper solution either from another supermarket or buying certain items in bulk.

Reducing junk
We’ve all hoarded at some point in our lives, but this often leads to a stressful environment in which to live. You might wonder why you find yourself growing impatient with tidying the house, but the answer might be more to do with the demotivating sight of all your children’s excess toys scattered around or old souvenirs which are just cluttering up the house. A lot of these things might not hold any sentimental value. It can be hard to let go of things, nonetheless, but keeping them lying around is only going to make the task of keeping your house clean and tidy seem insurmountable and will likely put you off tidying up at all.

Getting your kids involved
Yes, that’s right. Your children, permitting they’re old enough, can help you around the house now and again. Don’t let the little rascals trick you into thinking it’s slave labour; it’s about a family pooling together and helping one another. If the little ones want their mother to feel less stressed, the key lies in them helping her around the house. It’s a great way to teach your children about responsibility, and perhaps you could use it as an incentive for them to earn some pocket money each weekend.

By doing work and earning an admittedly-small salary for it, they’ll learn about the way the world works, and, more importantly, they’ll understand and respect how hard you work to help them every day. It’ll help them appreciate and respect you more, preventing them from taking you for granted. The key to surviving as a mother and a homeowner, then, is being brave enough to turn to your family when things are getting too tough and admitting that you need some help.

Not everything has to be "your job", it should be a group effort. That way, everybody has more time to relax and have fun together. You won't be stressed out by taking the weight of the world on your shoulders and your little ones will be able to spend more quality time with their Mum if they help her out every now and then.
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