The Sun’s Arrived: Time To Get Your Home In Shape

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The sun has finally shown its face after what seems like forever. Where have you been hiding, mister sun? Behind those rainy clouds! But now the easy going days of spring have arrived, almost exactly on time. We’re only a few days into the season and already it's shaping up to be one filled with great weather and plenty of blossoming flowers and leaves. Let’s just hope those devilish April Showers don’t also arrive right on time. As spring has most definitely sprung, it’s time to get into shape and start getting your house just right for the forthcoming months. And we’ve got some bad news: that’s going to mean doing more than just giving your house a quick dust.

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Those Hard To See Spots

The sun is going to shine a big, bright light on the corners of your home that have for the past few months been hidden in darkness, so you’ll have to dedicate a couple of days to go the extra mile, beyond just those easy and obvious cleaning spots. Get your house right just now and you can spend your summer basking in its cleanliness. Did you know that your bathtub is a surprising hot spot for germs? Your kitchen sink can also get pretty clogged up with bacteria, so give it a thorough clean or get a new one altogether. Also, nothing shows up more dirt marks than a window in sunlight, so learn how to wash windows properly and give yourself a crystal clear view of that beautiful blue sky.

Touching Up

Now, you don’t have to transform your entire home from winter to spring, but making a few subtle changes can make your home more in line with the vibe of the season. For example, you’re most likely not going to be lighting too many candles over the next few months, so switch them out with flowers instead. Similarly, you can turn any living area from a ‘cosy winter atmosphere’ to ‘light and airy spring atmosphere’ just by adding a splash of colour to the room. You’ll be amazed just how much difference taking off your dark cushion covers and replacing them with yellow ones can make!


Ready for Summer

If you’re going to spend a few days making sure your home gracefully exits winter mode, then you may as well do it properly and get yourself ready for summer at the same time. By all accounts, this summer is going to be a scorcher, so there’s going to be plenty of outdoor fun for you and the family. Why not make it so that you have all the fun of the outdoors right in your own garden? This can mean investing in a BBQ, which will be perfect for those long summer evenings where you’ve got nothing to do but sit and watch the sunset. You could also use springtime to get a fun project underway, such as creating a swing set for your children to have fun on or a wooden gazebo for you and your partner.

* Contributed Post

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