T at 3:

Is a fruit lover - she will eat, oranges, apples, bananas and blueberries but is at her happiest with a punnet of raspberries. 

When she comes home from nursery, she likes to snuggle on the sofa with a blanket watching Peppa Pig. She also likes to watch Ben and Holly, Little Charmers, Thomas the Tank Engine and Bing.  

Loves to finish our tea and coffee.

Is still unsettled with her sleep. Some nights I still have to get up to her 2-4 times a night but if she has a cold or is feeling under the weather, I can often double that figure.  She also seems to have nightmares and will often scream out, talk or cry in her sleep.

Loves E but also loves to torment her and will argue with her over anything. If E has a particular chair, you can guarantee she will want it. I often feel like I'm a negotiator more than a Mum.

One of the first things she does when she gets to Nanny and Grandad's is feed their cat some treats because 'he's hungry'.

She is often singing to herself, usually '5 Little Monkeys'.

Potty training is something we can tick off the list having done in February half term.  I must say that it was easier than with E, whether that was because I was more relaxed about it or because she took to it quicker, who knows.  I'm just relieved it's done!

She is very messy and doesn't like being asked to tidy up after herself.

Just doesn't stop chattering away and asking questions! Some of the words I frequently hear are 'is that a good idea Mummy', 'is that OK', 'Me like that Mummy, it's my favourite' 'that's weird Mummy' and 'that is cool'.  Having a big sister means that she is much chattier than E was at this age and uses and understands a completely different range of words.  

She likes to go to bed with my blanket as well as her quilt.

I've always said that she is like the Duracell Bunny and doesn't have an off switch. She's better when left to wake up on her own but once awake, she's all go until the moment she goes to bed.

She has always been very vocal, which is a politer way of me saying whingy!

Donkey is still the cuddly of choice although she will put him to one side, very occasionally, to favour another. Despite my not wanting either of them to have tons of soft toys, T currently has 15 sharing her bed - and that's with me moving a few here and there! 

Is a bit of a drama queen .

Happy Birthday T. I hope you enjoyed your day with your friends. You simultaneously drive me mad and make me laugh on a daily basis but I adore you and wouldn't have you any other way.... though if you could sort the sleep out I'd appreciate it.

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