Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Bathroom transformation

When we first moved in to our home, there were two rooms I really disliked. The kitchen, for its size, and the bathroom.  I've talked about our bathroom before but as a recap, this gives you an idea of what it looked like: 

Vile, isn't it? Those black tiles went from floor to ceiling.  The accessories were brass, tatty and cracked. As were the floor tiles, with odd tiles popped in by the radiator, where access had obviously been needed before.  But all that being said, it was functional and wasn't on the hit list of rooms to be tackled first. That was until we realised there was a leak under the shower that was leaking through to the kitchen ceiling and we decided we might as well just get it done.  So, just a few days after Christmas, D started to rip the old bathroom out.   We had a few mishaps along the way, including me putting my foot through a rotten floorboard, but its now close to finished, with a few little bits needing to be completed. 

As often goes with decorating, I thought I had everything planned out in my head with how I wanted the bathroom to look. Originally I wanted metro tiling around the bottom half of the wall but when we visited a tile showroom I really wasn't keen on how it looked and so we went with my second choice of wooden panelling and I'm so glad we did!

Originally I was adamant that we would have carpet in the bathroom. Over a year of getting up in the night and early mornings, traipsing across a cold bathroom floor pushed me away from tiles, as nice as they can look.  In the end, however, we went for a vinyl laminate flooring (West Co Luxury Vinyl Flooring Glueless Fitting System in Grey Oak), which we purchased from Wickes and D was able to fit. The colour ties in nicely and, more importantly, is warm underfoot! 

Whilst the bathroom cabinets match, (purchased from Victoria Plum), the shower and bath were purchased as separate pieces but I think everything pulls together perfectly. 

The paint we used was from B & Q whilst the light, bath, taps, shower, and radiator were all found on eBay.  The grey tiles were from Wickes and D did the tiling - his first attempt at doing so and I think he did an amazing job of it.  

The filament LED bulbs were from Toolstation whilst the mirror was a steal from The Range. The accessories you may be able to spot (tumblers, soap dispenser, toilet roll holder, toilet brush and bird on the windowsill) were all from Sainsburys.

We do still need to get curtains up but luckily there is no one on the back of our house and no one has a viewpoint of the bathroom - not that they could see much detail through the privacy glass - but will help finish the room off.

We are so lucky that D is able to do so much in terms of DIY as it saves so much money being able to do it ourselves but it does become quite time consuming when you are working on bits here and there, in between working and spending time together as a family but it is totally worth it when you have a room you love.  After two years of living without a bath, the novelty of being able to jump in the bath whenever I want is yet to wear off!



  1. Oh I have bathroom envy now ours needs updating and I would love a seperate shower and underfloor heating #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Love it. Great job. Really modern but not cold looking.

  3. I'm very very jealous. You made the right call not going for carpet. We had it once, pre kids, and it was a nightmare. #TwinklyTuesday

  4. That is gorgeous. I love the colours and your windows are amazing. i have huge bathroom envy right now! #twinklytuesdsay

  5. That is impressive - I bet you're enjoying it now #TwinklyTuesdau

  6. Love it... it looks fab. Ours could do with a spruce up too I think! #TwinklyTuesday

  7. Sounds like a long time coming but absolute bliss! My mummy would love a place to escape to and at the moment our bathroom isn’t cutting it x #TwinklyTuesday x

  8. I love the blue and grey combo, looks a lovely space to relax in X #twinklyTuesday

  9. I quite like the before and the after. Love your stained glass by the way #TwinklyTuesday and oh to have someone good at DIY in the home

  10. Amazing transformation - I love that towel rail. I need to scout where I can find one here in South Africa.#Twinklytuesday

  11. Love it! We're about to tackle our bathroom & I have a vision in my head but like you I may change my mind when we get to the showroom! #twinklytuesday


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