Health Scares : Finding a lump

Earlier this year, I found a lump. I found one previously back in 2014, in my breast, but this time it wasn't in my breast but on my jaw. 

To begin with, I didn't think too much of it. In all honesty, I couldn't remember whether it had always been there but after time it began to niggle at me.  Located on the right of my jaw, just past my chin, I found myself checking it and it just didn't feel right.  I eventually made an appointment with the Doctors a fortnight ago who said he thought it was probably dental related, despite my mouth and teeth looking healthy and in good order and advising me to see my Dentist for an x-ray.  He told me if it wasn't dental to go back and that it was important it was investigated.

So I phoned the Dentist, explained the situation and to my surprise, they told me they would get me in to see someone that day and within 3 hours I had an appointment with my usual Dentist. She had a good feel of my jaw, checked my teeth and determined that it wasn't a dental issue. Because she knows I'm a phobic patient she took me to the x-ray room, talked me through everything and then did a trial run of the x-ray machine to show me what would happen.  I cannot praise her enough for this, it really helped me.  The x-ray showed a lump that she thought was bone but because I'm unsure of how long it has been there she took the decision to make an urgent referral to the hospital.  That was on Tuesday and by Friday, I had received an appointment for the following week.

I didn't know what to expect at the hospital and felt quite anxious. There's something about being in hospitals that I just can't put into words but luckily the consultant I saw was lovely and put me at ease.  He had a feel of the lump before doing an x-ray of it in his clinic before sending me to the x-ray department for another. Waiting to see the consultant for the results seemed to take forever and I could feel myself getting restless and somewhat anxious, wishing I'd taken someone with me for the appointment. 

I didn't get the opportunity to ask too many questions and felt the time with the consultant was a little rushed but he told me that he was fairly sure that the growth was nothing to worry about and, considering I'd first noticed it earlier in the year, was slow growing. Apparently, it is quite common for growths to occur on the jaw but they are usually on the inside, so he said this was quite unusual and wants to check it again in four months' time. So, for now, I feel somewhat reassured but I must admit that whilst I'm not wanting to wish time away, I'll be glad to get to the appointment and to have things checked over again.

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