Kids Bickering

It wouldn't be half term without one of the girls being ill and this Easter half term has been no different to any other with T getting chickenpox.  I'd been saying for weeks I didn't understand how, with all the viruses they get, they had missed it when they had been around so many friends who had had it - my niece, four children in T's nursery class and one in E's class.  Thankfully, it was far easier going than I had expected but E still hasn't had it - if she's going to get it, no doubt she'll be covered in spots just after they go back to school!

It also wouldn't be half term without the kids bickering and arguing with one another. Pretty much constantly. Some days it's easy to ignore, others I just want to rip my ears off because some of it is just so ridiculous I can't believe they think it is such a big thing. So I thought I'd share just some of the highly important issues they've been..... debating this half term and some of the things I've heard them throw at the other:

E called me a baby.

T kicked me. Probably because E is E laying over her legs (in our bed, first thing in the morning).

X, Y or Z is my friend, not T's

I want to lay in the middle of the bed but T's there. T move NOOOOOWWWWWWWWW.

Wanting to sit on the same side in the car. 

That's it. You aren't my best friend anymore. 

Both wanting to hold my hand on the same side. 

Not wanting to share anything.

Being nice to each other. Sometimes E will take T's cereal into the living room for her in the morning but apparently, this isn't to T's approval.  She will scream "she's got my cereal for me, I wanted to get it myself", before carrying it back into the kitchen and putting it back on the side, before picking it up again and carrying it back into the living room. 

Sitting near each other.

Both wanting to sit on my lap.

T's on my swing (there's 2). 

E won't let me jump in the middle (of the trampoline).

Please tell me, it isn't just my two that are at each other like this?  Don't get me wrong, they can be absolutely adorable with each other - I just wish there was more of the adorable than the above!

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