Monthly Roundup : March 2017

March, you were a good one.  Here's some of what we've been up to this month:

We went to see Room on a Broom.  I was a little disappointed if I'm completely honest. It wasn't clear when the show started and no one in the audience seemed to realise for a good 5-10 minutes. Not only that but it didn't really grab the children as much as we had hoped, not helped by the fact that it started at 4pm and E had been at school all day. Both the children were complaining about being hungry and spent the whole time fidgeting. Lesson learned. We won't book a late showing again.

T turned 3. We spent the morning with my friends R and A and their children, A and P, at the local farm.  We spent some time watching the sheep and lambs and the piglets before disappearing into the soft play area for a couple of hours and - I never thought I would say this about soft play - it was really lovely!  It wasn't too busy and the children all played well together.  After that, we went home for lunch before D came home early. Once I'd collected E from nursery, the family came over for fish and chips followed by birthday cake, which I made.  

We've had a couple of parties for the girls this month - they have a better social life than me! I never realised that children's birthday parties were such big business and how all out parents go for them. It's certainly been an eye opener for me! 

Our bathroom is *almost* complete.  We're back using it but there are a few finishing touches that are left.  Its been absolutely lovely being back in the bathroom rather than the en-suite and it has been even nicer being able to have a bath!  

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