4 ways to keep Prying Eyes & Ears Out of Your Home

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Having privacy in your own home is essential, especially when you have a family. You need to be able to do certain things without others being nosy and knowing your every move. Even if you're just playing in the garden with the kids or watching TV, you don't want your neighbours or random passersby to watch you. If you feel like you don't get enough privacy in your own home, it's not too difficult to fix that. However, doing it in a stylish way isn't always as simple. After all, what modern mum wants net curtains in her home? If you want more privacy without compromising on style, here's how to do it.

Choose Stylish Curtains or Blinds

Much of the time, when you want more privacy in your home, it's during the evenings. You might be sitting in your living room, watching TV, and perhaps the window looks right out onto the street. Or maybe you're getting changed for bed, and you don't want anyone peeking in. In this situation, making your home more private is pretty simple. You just need blinds or curtains that work with your decor. If you opt for curtains, one of the best things to do is find a website to order made-to-measure curtains. You can get the exact size, colour, and material that you want to match your interiors.

Find an Option That Lets in Light

There's often a slightly trickier problem when you want to make your home private during the day. You want privacy, but you don't want to block out all light. Net curtains are the traditional option, but many now find these old-fashioned. Another possibility is light-coloured blinds, which can still let in lots of light while preventing anyone from seeing in. You can also simply use Venetian blinds so you can set the slats at an angle to let in light but not peeping eyes. You can also consider window film, which might seem dull but can come in some beautiful patterns.

Reduce Travelling Noise

Can you hear your neighbour sneeze? Or talk about their day? If you can hear them, it's possible they can hear you too, depending on how sound travels between your homes. This is a common problem in terraced houses or flats, and it can be tough to deal with. But if you're able to soundproof your home a little, you can make it more private. Try things like using rugs to reduce noise across your floors or having furniture that will help you stop sound traveling so much.

Create a More Private Garden

Letting your kids play in the garden or spending some time out there yourself is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. But you don't always want your neighbours to see you. If you want a more private garden, you can consider a range of things. For example, use a fence and tall plants around the perimeter. Try having some sort of cover over part of the garden, like a pergola, awning or gazebo.

Your home can be more private and stay stylish. It only takes a few touches to create your sanctuary.

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