Be brave, little one

My Stepmum tells me that as a child I was very reluctant to try anything new.  I would always put up a fuss and need coaxing to do anything different but once I was doing it, I would really enjoy it.  And despite my best efforts, it seems that E seems to lean towards that too. 

A few weeks ago we went to a party for her classmate, H, who is animal mad and his parents booked an animal experience whereby a woman came out with different animals for the children to meet and learn about. 

I must admit that I really wasn't looking forward to it as I bloody well knew that out of all the animals they could choose from, there would be a snake and tarantula.  I just knew it and I wasn't wrong!

The children were sat in a circle and out came the guinea pigs, followed by rabbits, a millipede, bearded dragon, a lizard of some description and cockroaches. Then came the snake, followed by the tarantula.  I've never felt so queasy. And proud.  I could feel myself come out in a sweat, watching E holding this snake in her hands whilst it started to slither up her arm.  The thought of it happening to me made my skin crawl. And then came the tarantula.  She held her hands out and barely flinched. I did debate attempting it myself, after watching how well she did but when the lady said that we had to be careful not to make any sudden movements in case of damaging its legs I didn't dare. Knowing me, I would have been the one to freak out and try to shake it off my hands, The closest I got to it was so that I could take a picture of her holding it. For a life long arachnophobe, that felt brave enough for me!

I'm so proud of her. She showed no fear.  I've already decided to print the photos off as a reminder that she's brave and can do anything.  And it should probably act as a good reminder to me too.


  1. Ahh! I don't think I could hold a snake or tarantula either! Kids are so brave. Yours especially x

  2. Wow good on her, I'm trying really hard not to pass my bird phobia onto my daughter, but it's tough!