Hello Monday

I've suddenly become quite fond of Mondays.  Not because I'm someone that likes to be sat at my desk bright and early ready to face the week ahead but because its the one day of the week that I get to myself. 


With T now doing full days at nursery, my work hours have increased by a few hours each week and I have worked my days so that I now have a day to myself each week. A day off, if you will. A day where I can do whatever I want and not have to worry about anyone else. Don't get me wrong, I love my family (obviously!) but it is SO nice to have some time to myself. Something I can look forward to. A day where I can drink my coffee and eat my lunch without interruption or having to share. Where I can sit and read or just potter about the house, doing jobs that are easier without two helpers.  

So far, today has been productive. I've cleaned the floors and hallway cupboard, I've ironed and put three baskets of washing away, I've put the first coat of paint on a photo frame and I've read.  Now, I'm sat at our dining table, typing this and people watching through the living room window. 

But whilst today's been productive, its also been relaxing.  I don't feel stressed as I often do and the peace and quiet have been absolute bliss with no TV or children bickering.   Sometimes family life and all the responsibility that goes with it can feel a little overwhelming. This is the first time since having the girls that I've had any real time to myself so I'm making the most of it, even if I do end up doing a few household chores in the mix! 

Do you get time to yourself? How do you spend it? 

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