Monthly Roundup : April 2017

I'm a little late (ha!) with my April round-up, but it was a really fun month. No, honest!  

We started April half term with chickenpox. T was the first to get it and then, a few days after returning back to school, E got it.  Both had it quite mildly with E being the worse affected, T didn't even have a temperature with it.  E, on the other hand, had a high temperature, cold like symptoms, disturbed sleep and was incredibly grumpy and itchy with it.  Thankfully it didn't take long for the spots to blister over on either of them, although the remaining spots are taking an age to disappear.

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Also over half term, my Mum came to stay. We hadn't seen her since December as she had had an operation on her foot. The girls were so pleased to see her and it worked out well for me as I had work and a hospital appointment so she was able to help me out with looking after them. 

The girls have been absolutely loving being able to play in the garden now that the weather is picking up and I'm loving being able to potter around whilst they do so.  D was always quite insistent that he didn't want too many big toys in the garden but we've gone from nothing to a playhouse, trampoline and now a swing, which he brought them. I should add they haven't had these all at once but they've been joint birthday gifts.

I've loved being able to get out in the garden too. A few weeks ago I planted up some seeds and left them in the conservatory to do their thing. As they've grown, I've been transferring them to the garden.  As I think I probably said last year, I just hope everything takes and looks OK.  I've been weeding once a week-ish and giving everything plenty of water so I've definitely been putting the work in, now it's just waiting for some growth and colour.

We had the chance to try Gousto (thanks Tornado!) and we were impressed! It's a little out of my price range to be a regular 'thing' but I'll definitely be keeping it in mind if we have a busy week planned.  Both meals were delicious, although I must admit the portion sizes were somewhat smaller than we would usually have.  The Smoky Chorizo Chowder was delicious!

 I've been doing a spot of painting.  Since moving, I've not had much opportunity to do anything crafty with my sewing machines and fabric all being packed away so I've been relishing the chance to get creative.

Since E started school, I don't think we've had a month go by without having a party to go to.  April was no exception and I wrote about the party and how brave E was here

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D and I got new phones!  I'd had enough of my old one so it felt about time. As part of the deal, we were able to apply for the Samsung Gear Fit 2, although we had to wait a while to see if it was accepted as it was a limited offer. Luckily it was and should be delivered any day now - and not a moment too soon as the strap on my Fitbit is close to completely breaking again.  Having had no end of issues with my Fitbit (which you can read about here), I'll be glad to move away from them.

Here's hoping for a good May!

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