4 tips to help you Be The Best Independent Mum

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If you’re raising a child then you’re already doing a remarkable thing. As a Mum, many things we do are a matter of maternal instinct, whether we realise it or not. Still, that doesn’t mean you feel as if you know what you’re doing as a parent most of the time and nobody really does.

There’s no rulebook to bringing up a child because every kid is different; what works for one young person may not work for another. The key is to just look after your child to the best of your ability and let them grow into their own person. Here are some tips to help you be the best independent mother possible, though you’re likely already doing a great job.

Accept support
If your family want to help you or if you’ve started seeing a new partner, maybe, then accept the support from your loved ones. You don’t have to do it all alone. You might want a night out with friends, or, as mentioned, a date with somebody new that you’re getting to know. It might be hard to let somebody new into your life when you’re trying to raise a child because your protective motherly instincts are kicking in, but you should be allowing yourself to be your own person. You should be allowing yourself to connect with others and accept their help. You can be an independent mother without being a lonely and unsupported mother.

Get your own house
Maybe you were living with a partner in the past but things didn’t work out, or maybe you’ve been with parents or in a flat barely big enough for yourself. You’ve got to think ahead to the future; this child will grow up, and you want to make sure you live in a place that they can grow into with you. You might want to look into getting a house for you and your child (and any potential future family members or a partner).

Be smart about your property hunting. This all about finding your independence, but you don’t have to walk blindly into the decision. You could look into options such as Allcott Associates chartered surveyors to help you look at houses from a technical standpoint; money is precious to any mother who needs to look after her children and you don’t want to find yourself getting a raw deal with a property that has countless hidden problems. A second opinion doesn’t take away from your independence as a mother; it’s a smart decision if anything.

Help your kids to be independent too
You probably won’t want to make your baby wash the dishes (although there may be a parallel universe in which babies can do that), but as your child gets a little older you might want to help them to be just as independent as their mother. You could teach them about the real world by paying them some pocket money every weekend for helping you with chores such as laying the table, washing up, or perhaps even hoovering the floor a couple of times a week. They’ll be bound to respect you more for all the work you do for them, and that’s also important with regards to helping them become a well-rounded, respectful individual. The best gift you can give your children as a mother is the knowledge they’ll need to tackle the world one day.

Find your calm place
It’s so important to take time out of the day for yourself. Whether your child is 3 years old or 13 years old, you’re allowed to take time away from them now and then; your parents, friends, or even a babysitter that you know and trust would all likely love to spend an evening looking after your child now and then. You could go and watch a movie with friends or, even better, have a bit of alone time. Relax in the bath, watch that Netflix show you’ve barely had time for, or sleep.

* Contributed Post

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