Monthly Round Up : May 2017

We had three parties in May. Three. The kids have better social lives than I do!  We have a little routine now - I take E to the party (T hasn't had many invites yet) and D will take T out for a little walk or they pop into work to see Nanny and Grandad, before going to do some shopping. T is never that impressed when she realises we're going off without her but usually has a nice time with D regardless.

We took a trip to Banham Zoo (we're still making good use of our season tickets). The girls love a trip to the zoo and were absolutely shattered by the time we got back to the car. 

We had a trip to the local farm with our friends A and P, which actually seems like a lifetime ago.  It was nice and quiet and we just pottered around for a couple of hours before the school run.

We have re-introduced reward charts. There's a couple of things we need to focus on with the girls. T has been particularly... challenging over the past few weeks with tantrums and being particularly vocal. Not to mention the issues with nursery and not eating through the day. With E, it's not that she's overly naughty but that she needs some reminders and positive reinforcement here and there.

T and I had a nice afternoon play date with my lovely friend R and her little boy, A.  With us both juggling work and everything that goes with two young children, it can be difficult to catch up so it was long overdue. 

Its been nice getting into a routine of having a Monday to myself. I drop the kids off at school and nursery and then potter around for the rest of the day, doing as much or as little as I like. I've been feeling SO much better for it too!  

We've been making great use of our garden. I've been spending a huge amount of time outside, weeding and planting and generally pottering about whilst the kids play. It has been so nice.

D and I braved a trip to Ikea and spent an absolute bomb.  As its a bit of a trek for us to get there, when we do go, we are armed with a long list of what we want to get and this time was no exception. We came back with curtain poles for the three windows in the living room, a pole for the bathroom and new storage furniture for the playroom, not forgetting curtains for the bathroom, new cushions and a ton of other things.

And of course, we've had half term which was surprisingly easy with neither of the girls being ill. Honestly, it's such a rarity it felt somewhat strange!  

I'm still having a few issues with my jaw and the lump that I have on it. I'm pretty sure it has got bigger, although that could just be me being paranoid about it.  I've been having a lot of pain in my jaw and ear, as well as tingling and tightness.  The Doctor had hoped a week using a spray in my ear might make a difference but it hasn't and now I have to wait it out for my follow up appointment with the hospital as he said he doesn't have a clue what's causing the issues and whether it's related to the lump or not.  So he's sent me away with some co-codamol and told me to wait until August, which is when the appointment is due.  Fab, no?

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