Monthly Round up: June 2017

I don't know where this year is going.  It seems to be just whizzing by.  

June saw the girls starting street dance. E got into it straight away and what she lacks in coordination she makes up for in enthusiasm. T has been a bit slower with it all but I'm hoping she will get there eventually.  She refused to join in last week's lesson so we shall see how she does this week. The teacher has suggested that she's possibly too young to take part and listen to instructions and I'm inclined to agree, although I do think she needs to discipline. We shall see how the next lesson goes before deciding if she continues.

We took the girls to see Ben and Holly at the local theatre and we were both relieved that it held their attention far more than Room on a Broom, which we didn't enjoy nearly as much as we had hoped to.  We booked the tickets towards the end of last year and were pleasantly surprised when we realised we had booked seats on the front row - hello leg room!  T sat transfixed for the whole show, with her mouth slightly agape, whilst E was joining in with the audience. I came away feeling pleased that they'd enjoyed it so much and that we hadn't wasted our money.

Hasn't it been hot recently? I don't know about you, but none of us cope very well with the hot weather. All I want to do is collapse in a heap in front of the fan and the girls aren't much better. We had a number of sleepless nights where they just couldn't settle so we were trying to employ different tactics to help them. A cold, damp bed sheet, either underneath or over them, seemed to offer the most help to them.  I must admit that I'll be quite pleased if the weather stays as it is at the moment (sorry sun lovers!). Regardless of the heat, both of them have had horrible coughs and colds hanging around. Here's hoping they disappear soon.

T has improved no end at nursery.  She's now much happier to go in and see everyone and has started to eat her lunch whilst at nursery, whereas before she was eating in when I collected her in the afternoon. Needless to say, that wasn't great as she was getting in the car, close to tears because she was so hungry.  She's also been doing well with her drawing and attempts at writing her name, which is just great to see.

E has had a number of things going on with school, the most important of which is the change in classes going through to the next school year. This has caused a bit of upset amongst the parents as they have completely re-jigged the classes. The official reason for doing so is because they haven't got the mix of children/personalities quite right. Unofficially, rumours have been circulating that it is because of a group of 5-10 children in one class that are labeled as 'difficult'.  Regardless.  E has been in a group of 4 friends since she started and she is the only one to have been separated. I must admit that I seem to be more concerned by this (for the moment at least) than she does but I'm not sure she entirely realises what will happen in September.  She does have other friends in the class that she plays with so I'm hopeful for a smooth transition.  

E came home last week with a certificate of commendation because she has been doing so well with her school work. She also came home with a merit last week because they have been talking about butterflies and she was able to explain to the teachers what symmetrical meant - I must admit that I was really very proud of that.  At the moment, all she really wants to do when she's at home is draw, write and read. Long may it continue!    

Staying with school, last Friday was their fun day and as part of that, they had a bake-off followed by a cake sale afterward for parents to buy slices. So once the girls were in bed Thursday night, I was in the kitchen baking.  I was really pleased to see it had all gone when we went through to the sale. There were a number of really well made and decorated cakes but I don't think you can go too wrong with chocolate cake!

The last weekend of June saw us attend a wedding.  I didn't take many photos but, as weddings go (I'm not a big fan, it has to be said), it was a nice day and the girls had fun. 

I can't believe we're now in July and approaching the summer holidays.  I'm feeling quite apprehensive about them. It'll be nice to see so much of the girls but on the flipside, that means having to keep them entertained!  Despite them looking as though they are getting on in the above photo, recently it has been constant bickering and tale telling and I'm not ashamed to admit that it has been driving me insane. The thought of six weeks of it fills me with fear!  

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