Nursery's over for summer

With school finishing for the summer holidays, so is nursery. 

T has really come on leaps and bounds at nursery.  We had a lengthy blip just after Easter when her hours changed from mornings to full days, combined with her key worker leaving. For a number of weeks, she wasn't keen on going to nursery and refused to eat anything. She would come out hangry and sit in the car before we picked up E, wolfing her lunch down.  

Soon, her hours will increase again. The nursery is now offering the full 30 hours free childcare, whereas before they only offered 15.  This means she will increase her days again, from three to five. Part of me feels a little bit mean sending her for five days but at the same time I do think it does her good to be playing and learning with her friends and I'm really hoping it will wear her out a bit more!  

So, as she finishes nursery:

She loves to draw and her pen control has really improved. She enjoys joining the dots to make words and shapes and is starting to recognise different letters.

- She has an amazing memory and doesn't miss a thing. If you say on Monday that she can do something on Thursday, she'll remember it. 

- She usually comes out of nursery carrying a picture that she has drawn or coloured in for me.  A few weeks ago, she came out holding a sunflower that she had started to grow. Brilliant, I told her we could put it in the garden as soon as we got home. Except, by the time we got to school, she had pulled it apart. 

- She's starting to show an interest in phonics.  She completely surprised me the other day by pointing out the letter T on a toilet sign, telling me it was T for her name and then pointed out other Ts that she could see.  

- Can almost count to 10.

 Loves to play with E. And wind her up wherever she can.  

- Likes to blame trumps and burps on Nanny, Mummy or Daddy, depending on who she is with at the time. 

- Is still very much a Mummy's girl and will follow me around the house when I'm doing something. 

- She is still very tantrummy and can go a the drop of a hat and keep it going for a surprisingly long time. Reward charts haven't helped, neither has the naughty step so I've started sending her to her room each and every time.  It probably sounds mean but somethings got to give and this seems to be helping as she doesn't like to miss out on anything. 

- Has started to tell me and E that we aren't her best friend when we won't do something or if she doesn't like something. 

- Adores cats and will always want to stop and fuss one if she sees one outside.  

I just hope it isn't six weeks of tantrums and winding E up! 

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