A tale of two donkeys

I've written before about T and her Donkey. She absolutely adores him and I can't remember when she started to want him with her all of the time but I can't remember her not wanting him.

Recently, we went to my in-laws for dinner and we had a small panic - ok, major panic when we couldn't find Donkey. I hadn't seen her take him out of the car but suddenly I couldn't remember seeing him in there when we had got out at my in-laws. So I looked through the car and so did D with no luck. I had a quick look in the house and couldn't see him so I drove home and checked the living room and the blanket she's started carrying around, in case he got caught up. With no luck, I checked the driveway and car again before heading to Tesco.  Luckily, as I walked across the car park in Tesco, D phoned me to say he had found Donkey at his Mums.  

Honestly. The fear was real. T hadn't realised I couldn't find him but all I could think about was how would I settle her that night without him. She's had him with her in bed every night, long before she started taking him everywhere. Whenever I think of T, I think of her carrying him around and he's in many of the pictures we have of her so when I thought he was lost, I felt like I might cry.

So that night D got online to look for a second one. Made by Jellycat, we soon found out his name was Furryosity Donkey and that he was no longer made. Typical but we soon found a couple of second-hand ones on eBay and quickly purchased one

I have to admit, I wasn't sure how T would react to him when he arrived and I think this photo shows why.  New Donkey (ND) looks far too clean and, well, new compared to Old Donkey (OD), who shows all the signs of being so well-loved - he's threadbare in patches, his mane is clumped and thinning and his neck has lost the vast majority of his stuffing.

My sister in law had a similar situation arise with my niece and she took the new toy out of the washing machine and managed to convince her it was the same toy. It wasn't until she came across the second toy a few months later that she realised. So, we hid OD, handed over ND and told her he'd just come out of the washing machine having been washed so he was nice and clean. Needless to say, she didn't buy it and was completely unimpressed. So much so, she actually threw herself onto the sofa and cried, telling us that she didn't like ND and just wanted OD. And cried some more.  So that went well.

We've been working on getting her to take to him but its been slow progress. I've been telling her ND is a friend for OD and that they want to play together!  To start with, she wouldn't even keep him in her bedroom but we have progressed to him sitting on the side in there now.  Every other night, I pop him in bed with her, like this:

And each time, the following morning, she'll come into our room saying that she didn't want him in her bed and she didn't know how he got in there... so I tell her that ND and OD obviously wanted cuddles in the night!  

It all sounds a bit silly but it'll be worth it if she takes to him as I can then relax a little if the worst ever does happen to OD!  

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  1. Ahh! I know that fear. My girl has a toy monkey which she adores and we have never been able to find one that looks even similar. Eek! Well done on finding a new donkey! x

  2. Always good to have a back up for these comforters!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes :)